A diverse global company operating in diverse industries

OWMNYA Holding is a holding company built upon a portfolio of various subsidiaries in a range of diverse business sectors. Established in 2004 as a family owned business, OWMNYA Holding has been involved within several industries such as Consultancy, Education, Engineering, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Operations & Maintenance, Real Estate, Technology Solutions, Trading and Contracting.

Being an investment holding company, OWMNYA Holding strategically focuses on managing a portfolio of a network of market leading entities that deliver products & services of the utmost quality. Furthermore, OWMNYA Holding puts in great effort in carrying out new acquisitions & investments, partnerships, collaborations, and consulting.

The implementation of various management and financial practices are key success factors; and being in line with the organizational strategic goals, as well as the future vision of Qatar, has allowed OWMNYA Holding to become a market leader in today’s dynamic and challenging economy. By continuing to follow the core principles, values, and beliefs, OWMNYA Holding can aim to serve the well-being of the community on a local and international level.


Our vision is to contribute to economies both locally and internationally by building market leading organizations that play a role in the sustainable development of various industries while continuously enhancing stakeholder value.


  • Commitment to quality and service excellence.
  • Increasing profits and maximizing shareholder wealth.
  • Investing in lifelong relationships with employees.
  • Increasing the supply of highest quality of product, opportunity and services to our customers and investors.
  • Be selective of our Partners.

Core Values


  • Increase shareholder value
  • Expand operations in the GCC, Middle East, and Internationally


  • Provide high quality services
  • Commitment to quality and service excellence


  • Attract & recruit the best people
  • Treat people like family
  • Provide the best training


  • Improve percentage of qualified local staff
  • Contribute to the well-being of the local society

Learning & Growth

  • Monitoring and maintaining international standards
  • Providing consistent quality services
  • Being selective of partners and industries